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Chocolate coating system custom-made for an Australian manufacturer


Sep 22

Spraying Systems Australia has designed and manufactured a chocolate pan coating system for a local customer at our Melbourne manufacturing facility.

The heat-jacketed system comprises a mobile cart with an electrical controller enclosure and a heat-jacketed 18-litre pressure pot. A heat-jacketed hose supplies heated liquid to a heat-jacketed spray gun.

Our customer precisely requires chocolate to be pan-coated on nuts, raisins, cereal, and sugar, among other products. Heat-jacketed systems allow hot water to be circulated through the system to maintain a constant liquid temperature. The heat is essential for a consistent and repeatable spray pattern finish on the product. Spraying Systems has the experience and capabilities to custom design systems with a wide range of liquids, including notoriously tricky viscous materials, like chocolate.

System Overview & Descriptions

The system consists of the fluid delivery system, the main control panel, and a heat-jacketed hose that will supply heated liquid to a heat-jacketed spray gun.


Features and Components of the Chocolate Coating System

The system consists of the following:

  • PLC control panel with 7” Touchscreen HMI
  • Water heater assembly
  • 18L Pressure tank and liquid line
  • Heated liquid manifold
  • Spray nozzle



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