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 Take advantage of local spray experts and technology centres in your area. We're where you need us - when you need us. We have sales engineers around the world to provide service and support with a focus on spray technology for more than 75 years.


Victoria- East

Sales Engineer Derrick Yang
Mob: 0419 334 069

Victoria - West

Sales Engineer Alen Margeta
Mob: 0419 370 196


Sales Engineer Celio Furquim
Mob: 0424 056 932

Queensland - South

Sales Engineer Evan Harvey
Mob: 0419 584 486

Queensland - Northern Central

Sales Engineer Brett Hassan
Mob: 0447 546 266


Sales Engineer Alemar Borges
Mob: 0439 626 186

New South Wales - South

Sales Engineer Kerry McPhail
Mob: 0419 376 912

New South Wales - North

Sales Engineer Craig Cardy
Mob: 0419 317 970

North West Sydney

Sales Engineer Vitor Alves
Mob: 0439 212 380

Perth (Metropolitan)

Sales Engineer Jim Dinh
Mob: 0417 958 261

Western Australia (All Mining Sectors)

Sales Engineer Matthew Hayward
Mob: 0427 058 993

Western Australia

Sales Engineer Jim Dinh
Mob: 0417 958 261

South Australia

Sales Engineer Alen Margeta
Mob: 0419 370 196


Sales Engineer Alen Margeta
Mob: 0419 370 196

Northern Territory

Sales Engineer Alen Margeta
Mob: 0419 370 196

New Caledonia

Melbourne Head Office
Tel: 1300 212 878

Papua New Guinea

Sales Engineer Celio Furquim
Mob: 0424 056 932


Sales Engineer Alen Margeta
Mob: 0419 370 196

Have a challenging coating, cooling, lubricating or cleaning application? Need an on-site evaluation of your spray operations and recommendations on how to improve efficiency? Interested in new spray technology that can help you reduce water and energy use? Just contact your local sales engineer. There's one nearby and willing to assist.

Our local spray technology experts spend most of their time in plants helping customers optimize spray operations. Spray technology is our sole focus and we've been solving spray challenges for food, chemical, petrochemical, steel, paper, automotive, engineered wood, pharmaceutical processors and producers for more than 75 years. Why not take advantage of the local expertise readily available in your area? It's an exclusive benefit available only to Spraying Systems Co. customers. 


In some cases, it can be challenging to demonstrate certain spray technologies or conduct testing in a customer's facility without disrupting production. To overcome that obstacle and ensure customers can properly evaluate our equipment, we've established regional Spray Technology Centres in Australia. These facilities are home to spray laboratories housed with state of the art equipment designed for product demonstrations and proof-of-concept testing.

Educational seminars and workshops are also hosted in our Spray Technology Centres and provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about new solutions to common problems such as uniform application of viscous coatings, increasing bulk density in spray drying, mitigating corrosion in water wash and more. Workshops on spray system maintenance, reducing water and chemical use, spray nozzle basics and other topics are also available. Check the schedule of upcoming events.

Contact your local sales engineer to tap into the services and programs available at the Spray Technology Centre in your area. Spray Technology Centre services and programs are another exclusive benefit available to Spraying Systems Co. customers.

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