Sprayware calculators & tools

Our calculators are designed to help you quickly and easily select nozzles and optimize your spray operations.

Spray flow rates

Flow Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the flow rate of any nozzle at any operating pressure. Inputs to this calculator are the nozzle type, current operating pressure and flow, desired flow or desired pressure.

Spray analysis

Spray Coverage Calculator

Determine the spray nozzle coverage at a known spray height and spray angle, determine the spray angle required to produce desired spray coverage at a known spray height, or determine the spray height required to produce desired spray coverage at a known spray angle.

Header spraying water

Precision Spray Control Lubricant Savings Calculator

See how much you can reduce lubricant use by using Precision Spray Control. Enter a few details about your lubricating operation and see how the savings add up when you eliminate over-application.

SprayDry nozzle range

SprayDry® Nozzle Selector

Find the SprayDry nozzle that will deliver the exact performance you need. Just enter the flow rate, pressure and specific gravity of the fluid. 

Sulfur nozzle in tank

Sulfur Nozzle Sizing Calculator

Enter a few details about your specific gravity, liquid sulfur flow, number of nozzles and the maximum pressure drop to determine the sulfur nozzle best suited for your operation.

Eductor Sizing Calculator

Determine the size and number of eductors required based on your tank configuration, volume and the number of turnovers required.

Nozzle spraying savings

Nozzle Wear Calculator

Find out how much using worn spray nozzles is costing in your operations. You may be surprised to learn how much you’re wasting and the impact on profitability.

spray nozzles and products for humidification

Humidification Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the water flow, number of nozzles required, and the accessories and controls necessary to complete your system.

cooling application

Cooling of Solids Calculator

Use this module to estimate the cooling water flow required to cool objects traveling on a conveyor, traveling sheet material, extrusions, or stationary objects.

cans on a conveyor

Coating Calculator

Use this module to select spray nozzles required to coat flat materials or products on a conveyor. The module will help you to select the nozzle size, spray angle, and quantity required to provide uniform coverage with a desired thickness.

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