Air Nozzles

Lower your operational costs and improve performance in drying, cooling and blow-off operations with energy-efficient air nozzles and air knives from Spraying Systems Co.  

The Broadest Range of Drying & Blow-off Products

If you’re using open pipes, pipes with drilled holes or pipes with slits, you could be wasting tens of thousands of dollars annually on compressed air. WindJet air knives, air cannons, air nozzles and air amplifiers can help reduce operating costs and noise, improve worker safety, and provide more precise, repeatable drying and blow-off.

  • WindJet blower air knife packages require no compressed air and generate very low operating noise. Offered as a complete solution from a single supplier, these systems eliminate integration problems, enable easy installation and require little maintenance.
  • WindJet air nozzles use 25% to 35% less air than open pipe, with perceived noise reductions ranging from 28% to 60%.
  • WindJet air amplifiers use 75% to 90% less air than open pipe, with noise comparable to air nozzles.
  • WindJet low-flow compressed air knives use 89% to 92% less air than open pipe, with noise comparable to air nozzles.
  • Choose from a full range of styles, spray patterns, materials, capacities and more, and optimize performance in your drying, cooling and blow-off operations.

Air Drying & Blow-Off Success Stories

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