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Automatic and Manual Brush Headers


Feb 22

Replacing existing manual brush headers with automatic, custom-made designs is a great way to improve your business's performance, efficiency, and safety outcomes.

We replaced a manual system with a new automatic system for this client consisting of two independent control panels that operate a group of four and three Automatic Brush Spray Headers respectively.

This innovative system has been specifically designed and set up to control the motor for opening and closing, so importantly, there is protection for the motors and moving parts.

The existing manual brush headers need to be manually opened and closed often. This is an arduous, repetitive and ultimately costly task. With our new Auto Brush Spray Headers installed, the operators will not have any manual work to do.

Spraying Systems uses an absolute analogue encoder that allows the brushes to move laterally with incredible precision. The frequency of opening and closing the brush header valve is a control parameter set in minutes as desired by the operator.

When there is an error, the fault indicator light on the enclosure will turn on. The programmable logic controller (PLC) is connected to the central Scada system via an ethernet connection and alert the plant controller if there is a problem or fault. (Only some times this can happen but not for this particular case. The system is designed to be standalone.)

In the rare event of a motor failure, the gearbox and spool piece can be removed, and a manual wheel handle can be fitted as a temporary solution whilst the motor is repaired.

The system has been connected, and factory tested before being packed and sent to our client to ensure a minimal onsite start-up. It went through vigorous cycle testing with temperature monitoring.

If you would like to update your manual brush headers, contact our team today.