Air Nozzles


Air Nozzles

Lower your operational costs and improve performance in drying, cooling and blow-off operations with energy-efficient air nozzles and air knives from Spraying Systems Co.

The Broadest Range of Drying & Blow-off Products

If you’re using open pipes, pipes with drilled holes or pipes with slits, you could be wasting tens of thousands of euros annually on compressed air. WindJet® air knives, air cannons, air nozzles and air amplifiers can help reduce operating costs and noise, improve worker safety, and provide more precise, repeatable drying and blow-off.

WindJet 727 PVDF

WindJet® 727 Food Contact Metal Detectable Air Nozzles

The new PVDF material for Food Contact (EC10/2011, EC1935/2004, FDA) is the latest innovation in the WindJet® range. The embedded metal particles offer a huge safety advantage over other plastic materials. Even very small pieces of this plastic material are detectable by metal detectors.

WindJet® Air Nozzles

WindJet® Air Nozzles use 25% to 35% less air than open pipe, with perceived noise reductions ranging from 28% to 60%

WindJet® Blower Air Knife Packages

WindJet® blower air knife packages require no compressed air and generate very low operating noise. Offered as a complete solution from a single supplier, these systems eliminate integration problems, enable easy installation and require little maintenance.

Low Flow Air Knives

WindJet® Low-Flow Compressed Air Knives

WindJet® low-flow compressed air knives use 89% to 92% less air than open pipe, with noise comparable to air nozzles.
WindJet Air Amplifiers

WindJet® Air Amplifiers

WindJet® Air Amplifiers use 75% to 90% less air than open pipe, with noise comparable to air nozzles.

Choose from a full range of styles, spray patterns, materials, capacities and more, and optimize performance in your drying, cooling and blow-off operations.

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