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Why a blocked FogJet nozzle is more than an inconvenience

FogJet Nozzles

Blocked vs unblocked FogJet nozzle


Jan 22

Blocked nozzles can cost you money, time and reduce the quality of your output. This is why it is so vital that you regularly check and replace your nozzles. Below is a video of our FogJet Nozzles that spray finely atomized sprays without the use of compressed air; they are ideal for fogging a larger area with a single nozzle.

This nozzle is widely used in fire protection, dust control and rain simulation applications. Having it blocked could be a serious safety issue.

As seen here the build of dirt, grime and product can over time lead to blockages. Likewise, the constant use of chemicals, high pressure water or other products through your nozzles can alter your orifice and therefore your output over a long period of time.

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