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Premier Mushrooms saving thousands with Minifoggers



Feb 22

PROBLEM: Premier Mushrooms in Australia needed to find an alternative system to replace steam humidification. Steam humidification is a costly process as producing heat requires a lot of energy although this is a very common procedure in the mushroom industry. The mushroom growers turned to Spraying Systems Co. for help in order to explore potential solutions for their problem.

SOLUTION: Our local spray expert was called in to review the different options for humidifying multiple mushroom rooms. Spraying Systems Co.’s solution was a portable system featuring the MiniFogger® III for reliable and efficient mushroom humidification. The MiniFoggers allow energy-efficient operations, using less compressed air than standard air atomizing solutions while producing very small drops in the 6.7-to-12-micron size for fast evaporation and superior humidification.

RESULTS: The mushroom farm is experiencing good results with the solution. Apart from excellent humidification results, the system allows the customer with flexibility to move the humidification cart around different mushroom rooms as per requirements while reducing dramatically the maintenance time when compared to previously used high pressure systems and saving up to $500/weekly in energy consumption when compared to the original steam humidification system.