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Extending Nozzle Life with Automatic and Manual Brush Headers



Apr 22

Brush headers from Spraying Systems Co can improve a wide range of industries and operations including:

  • - Pulp and paper
  • - Mining
  • - Sugar mills
  • - Water treatment
  • - Food manufacturing

Our brush headers are designed and built-to-order at our Australian manufacturing and fabricating facility in Melbourne. Our local knowledge and ability to get on-site allows us to optimise the nozzle performance and easily integrate into existing lines.

Our team of Sales Engineers can do everything from audit and appraisal through to the commissioning of your projects.

Brush Headers

As shown in the video we use internal rotating brush assembly sweeps debris away from nozzles without shutting the system down. Brushes scrub the interior wall of the header as well as the nozzle orifices, removing accumulated debris through a flush-out valve in a matter of seconds.

  • - Manually operated brush headers use a handwheel for brush rotation.
  • - Automatic spray headers are equipped with geared drive unit, smart motor and optional timer control. This can be custom designed and built by our Australian team.
  • - Ideal for use with recirculated or basin water.

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