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Controlling Odours for Green Mount Food's Onions

Green Mount Foods and Spraying Systems Co

Spraying Systems Co recently installed a water spray system at Green Mount Foods in New Zealand.


Apr 22

Spraying Systems Co recently installed a water spray system at Green Mount Foods in New Zealand. Green Mount Foods provide value-added component food products for foodservice and food manufacturers around the world, including high-quality meals, sauces and stocks, sourced from farms across New Zealand.

They commissioned Spraying Systems to control odour from onions! We’ve all cried cutting one onion, imagine having a room full of them! Below is a video of the spray system we installed and a testimonial from Hamish Roberts, Australian Operations Director.



"Greenmount Foods is a Leading Food Manufacturer in New Zealand.

Greenmount Foods Hastings facility is a large fresh vegetable processor specialising in onions located in a built-up industrial area in outer Hastings.

By their very nature onions release water soluble thiosulfinates into the atmosphere during processing.

Spraying Systems New Zealand were contacted to design and supply a water spray system for our waste collection area to control odour emissions from our site.

Spraying systems designed, and supplied water spray jets, along with a complete automated valve package.

A trial system was supplied free of charge for evaluation purposes after which an order was placed for a much larger system.

The design uses minimal water and produces a very fine mist over a large surface area which has substantially reduced the odour level at the plant.

The equipment supplied has proven reliable, easy to install and operate and cost effective. Connected to our sites automation it is now a set and forget solution to an issue we have previously struggled to find an answer for.

We would recommend Spraying Systems to anyone with similar challenges.


Hamish Roberts

Australasian Operations Director