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Case Study

Bakery installs new milk spraying system that increases efficiency and minimizes cleaning time

Milk spraying system


Sep 21

A large industrial bakery is focussed on making pastries, chocolates and biscuits. The recipe for their much-loved biscuits requires them to spray milk over the biscuits before the baking process.

To ensure the milk was only applied on the biscuits - and not on the conveyor - they were using a cut-out template system of rotating discs. This lead to a number of issues:

  • • High consumption of milk
  • • Very difficult to regulate spray quantity
  • • Clogging
  • • Long service stops for cleaning
  • • High maintenance cost

Clearly the setup they were using wasn’t very efficient. As a result they decided to look for a solution that would fix the existing issues and help to take back control over the milk application process.

AutoJet® Food Systems

With a long-standing reputation in the bakery industry Spraying Systems Co. was an ideal partner to come up with an efficient spray solution. We have lots of experience in replacing similar solutions so we were confident when we proposed one of our durable AutoJet® Food Systems.

The complete system was mounted on a hygienic frame that contains:

After a 2-week testing period the customer experienced the reliability and savings first hand and they decided to purchase it.


The bakery was happy to note that the new AutoJet® Food System was performing a lot better than their old solution. Right after the first installation it became apparent that the system was a lot cleaner to run. As a result they no longer needed to shut down operations a couple of times a day to clean the system. 

Additionally, the AutoJet® system gives a lot more control over the milk application process to. This means that they can now follow the recipes more accurately and prevent wasting ingredients. 

Altogether our customer was able to save 30% on milk use - amounting to around €5000/month. Add to that the savings related to minimizing cleaning time and cleaning chemical usage and you’ll find that the investment paid for itself in about 6 months.