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Case Study

Meat producers increase shelf life and limit food waste with new bioprotection spraying system

Meat producers increase shelf life and limit food waste


Feb 23

Recently we were contacted by the meat producer for one of the largest French supermarkets. As everyone knows the retail sector is a very competitive market where every mistake is ruthlessly punished by rivals. Because of this the producers want to make sure that their large assortment of meat products is safe and the quality is guaranteed until the expiration date.

To do this they hired a leading bioscience company to protect the products by spraying them with fermentation-enabled bioprotection solutions. For optimal results a precise dosage is needed for each different product variety. Unfortunately the system they were using wasn’t able to deliver the necessary spray performance:

  • • Dosage wasn’t accurate
  • • Difficult to clean
  • • No way to adjust the dosage to different products

Clearly continuing on this path could lead to serious issues so the meat producer decided to look for a more performant spray solution. They mainly wanted a system that could accurately deliver the correct amount of bioprotection solution and could easily be adjusted to spray different meat products.

AutoJet® Bioprotection Spraying System

With over 80 years of experience in spray technology and a dedicated food division we were confident that we would meet the meat producers’ expectations.

Our Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology allows us to turn nozzles on and off very quickly to control the flow rate. This cycling is so fast that the flow often appears to be constant. More importantly it means that the fermentation-enabled bioprotection solution is only sprayed onto the products and isn’t being wasted. Thanks to the AutoJet® controller’s recipe functionality we can set up our systems for multiple products as well.

We demonstrated the accuracy and efficiency of our technology with a live demonstration at the meat producers’ facilities. The result was then analyzed and approved by the ferment bio protection company.

Satisfied with the results the meat producers purchased an AutoJet® food safety system containing:


The meat producer was relieved that they could finally take full advantage of their fermentation-enabled bioprotection solution. By accurately spraying the meat with the new AutoJet® food safety system they are able to significantly increase the expiration date for their products.

Thanks to the recipe functionality the application can be set to spray on a different meat product at the click of a button and without requiring any additional setup by operators.

In the end the result is that the meat is safer for a longer time and there is a lot less food that goes to waste. Our customer was so happy with the results that they decided to order additional systems for their other lines as well.