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Spraying Systems Unveils the All-New Meat Bulletin: Transforming Abattoir Processes

Meat bulletin


Sep 23

This catalogue details every step of the abattoir process that Spraying Systems solutions can help to optimise.

abattoir process map 

Why Spraying Systems Australia?

Custom Solutions: Recognizing that every abattoir's needs are unique, we specialize in custom-designed spray solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Technological Excellence: We are driven by innovation. Our R&D team continuously explores and implements the latest technologies to enhance system efficiency and productivity.

Sustainable Focus: As global advocates for sustainability, our systems are crafted to minimize environmental impact, focusing on water conservation and energy efficiency.

Local Manufacturing Facility

We can custom design and fabricate your orders to suit your specifications in our Melbourne and Auckland facilities.

With Spray experts based all around the country, we can come to your site and talk to you about the best solutions for your business.

Primary meat processing bulletin

Download the bulletin here.