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Lubricating oil for concrete molds


Mar 22

Spraying Systems recently solved a problem for Concrete Spacers by installing a pneumatically controlled gun to lubricate mold boards with a special release oil. This custom-made system was tested beforehand to ensure that the system ran optimally with the required viscosity of the oil.

Here is the testimonial from Martin Baucutt, Director of PCP Concrete Spacers Ltd:

I would like to confirm that the system we use for lubricating our Mold Boards using a special release oil has worked very well and to our satisfaction. Thanks to your advise on parts to use.

Using initially, a manual application, we switched to a conveyor system using a Pressure Pot, Strainer 23170-1-B122-1/2-NYC with a 200-mesh screen and a pneumatically controlled system to actuate the gun AA23AUH-SS with a TPU11001-SS tip. This has greatly reduced the labour content, increased board output and it is currently used satisfactorily on a daily basis in our new facility.

Another mold release application based on your suggestion using AA23L-45885 GunJet, a 6671-18” Curved Wand & TPU11001-SS Tip also met with our process approval and we are using the same successfully.

Both Mark & I are pleased to suggest the name of Spraying Systems NZ to anyone as we find you ever ready to go that extra mile, quick to respond, result driven and good after sales service. Season’s greetings and good luck for 2022

Best Regards,

Martin Baucutt

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