TankJet® 180 Fluid-driven Tank Cleaner

For tanks up to 80 ft. (24.4 m) in diameter

This unit provides concentrated, high-impact cleaning of hard-to-remove residues. It is ideal for open-top tanks, adhesive tanks, food processing tanks, paint tanks, petrochemical / chemical tanks, processing tanks and sludge / wastewater tanks.

  • Customizable — can be used for high-concentration chemical recirculation cleaning or low-pressure, high-volume cleaning.
  • Food-grade, oil-lubricated or flow-through gearbox designs are fluid-driven and ideal for open-top tanks; a built-in strainer minimizes clogging.
  • Global field support through dedicated sales engineers in more than 80 countries.
  • Nozzles rotate on multiple axes, creating a crisscross pattern to thoroughly clean tanks and remove the stickiest of residues.
  • Concentrated cleaning stream effectively cleans bottom and shadow areas of tanks, outperforming other fluid-driven tank cleaners. 
  • All units are built-to-order and lightweight for easy portability.

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