Fire Protection

Our fire protection product line is unmatched — we have the widest variety of spray styles, nozzles, connections, spray angles and materials. Hundreds of these nozzles are certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Plus, we have decades of experience with fire protection including products for the marine, aircraft and heavy equipment industries, products for restaurants, portable fire extinguishers and more. OEMs turn to us for customized products on a regular basis.

Fire Protection Products & Resources

group of full cone nozzles in brass and stainless steel

Full Cone Nozzles

SpiralJet® and large-capacity FullJet® full cone nozzles are typically the nozzles of choice for wet chemical and deluge systems.

VeeJet nozzles

VeeJet® Flat Spray Nozzles

Flat spray nozzles primarily used in water curtain systems.

FogJet Nozzles


Hydraulic atomizing and FogJet cluster spray nozzles are widely used for water mist.

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