TankJet® 12900 Tank Cleaning Nozzles 

For tanks up to 18 ft. (5.5 m) in diameter

These stationary cluster nozzles provide robust, reliable tank cleaning. They are ideal for chemical tanks, process tanks, pulp chests and tanker trucks.

  • 13 FullJet® nozzles provide high-capacity cleaning.
  • To rinse deeper tanks, use Model 12900-2 with a 1 ½" bottom outlet connection for use with a pipe extension and a TankJet 6353 nozzle assembly.
  • Simple, reliable design — nozzles are stationary, so there’s no chance for dirt/debris to block rotation and prevent cleaning.
  • Versatile — individual nozzles can be changed to plugs to provide specific cleaning coverages.
  • Easy maintenance — nozzles can be easily removed and inspected.
  • Global field support through dedicated sales engineers in more than 80 countries. 

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