Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability Simplified

Sustainability Assessments

Sustainability Simplified

Proven ways to maximize productivity, increase savings and reduce waste

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Interested in results like these?
Number of gallons (liters) saved annually: 83,170,981 (314,836,412)
Water savings:                                              US$211,902
Average water savings:                               46%
Sewer savings:                                             US$465,592
Energy savings:                                            US$666,955
ROI:                                                               21 weeks

These are average outcomes from recently completed assessments. Why not find out how you can benefit? Here’s an overview of the process.

  • The assessment happens on-site, with no disruptions to production.
  • During the assessment, our team of spray technology experts will evaluate essential spraying applications such as cooling, coating, cleaning, drying, mixing and others.
  • Our experts will identify actionable ways to:
    • Reduce water, chemical and energy use
    • Reduce scrap and waste
    • Improve worker safety

A few weeks after the assessment, we will share how you can improve efficiency and how much you can save. You will receive a customized report with the facts, figures and projected outcomes clearly documented. Above all, it’s an action plan for achieving your goals.

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