Sustainability AssessmentS

Learn how to waste less and minimize risk with a complimentary assessment*

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Invite our team of experts to visit your plant to evaluate your cooling, coating, cleaning, drying, mixing or other operations. We’ll identify ways to:

  • Reduce water, chemical and energy use
  • Reduce scrap and waste
  • Improve worker safety


  • Express Interest!
  • Complete Pre-Assessment Questionnaire: prioritize areas of interest and share information about your operations
  • Schedule Pre-Assessment: delve into the logistics and details to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption during the assessment
  • Schedule Sustainability Assessment: assessment length varies – average is two days
  • Sustainability Assessment Findings: comprehensive report delivered three to four weeks after assessment. Includes recommendations to reduce waste, improve safety, ROI projections and implementation plan

*Sustainability Assessment is complimentary except travel reimbursement and nominal daily fee for assessment team.