AutoJet® Model 2850+ Spray Controller

Automatic, real-time adjustments to spray performance are possible with the AutoJet Model 2850+ spray control panel from Spraying Systems Co.

Real-time, Advanced Control of Automatic Nozzles

The AutoJet Model 2850+ spray controller is our most advanced controller, providing maximum operating flexibility and automatic, real-time adjustments based on operating conditions to ensure optimal system performance. It’s ideal for coating, conveyor spraying, lubricating, marking and batch spray control. It allows for:

  • Touchscreen HMI with diagnostic screens.
  • Precision Spray Control to vary the flow rate without changing spray pressure when used with electrically actuated PulsaJet® spray nozzles.
  • Closed and open loop flow control for automatic adjustment of flow rate based on operating conditions.
  • System integrity checking maintains a consistent flow rate from a nozzle header spraying continuously or from a single nozzle applying intermittent “shots”. If out of range flows are detected, operators are notified with an alarm. This flow rate validation ensures product quality - especially important when applying expensive coatings or adding critical ingredients like antimicrobial agents.
  • Storage of up to 16 recipes reduces set-up time/changeover between batches.
  • Integrated zone control – easily create and store 12 different spray zones per recipe.
  • Helpful maintenance reminders on the HMI ensure proper system performance.
  • Automatic air, liquid pressure and atomizing air adjustments based on input from sensors
  • Choice of one- or two-channel control.

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

AutoJet® Spray System Success Stories

Flat Glass Manufacturer Reduces Scrap by 75% With Automated Spray Coating System

PanelSpray® MS System Increases Fiberglass Production, Saves Manufacturer Over US$140,000 Annually

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