Automated Spray Systems AutoJet® Lubrication Systems

Automated Spray Systems AutoJet® Lubrication Systems

AutoJet® Lubrication Systems provide a highly efficient method of applying lubricants and corrosion protection fluids. In addition to lubricating blanks, coils, pipe sections and stamping or forming tools, wires and bars can also be treated.

We know how important it is to reduce production costs and our worldwide leadership in spray technology can help you operate more efficiently and save money. Precise control of lubricating applications can reduce oil consumption by over 50% and can eliminate time-consuming cleaning of parts.

To address the needs for any lubrication application we have developed 4 different Systems:

AutoJet lubrication system
  • Optimal distribution of the lubricating fluid on the coil (top, bottom, both sides)
  • Easy to maintain due to pneumatic lifting cylinders
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • No misting or polluting of the work environment
  • Optional installation of additional nozzles for spot lubrication of critical points
  • Solenoid valves direct the return flow of different lubricants to the proper container
  • Surplus amounts of lubrication oil are returned to the supply container
  • Containers are not pressurized so can be continually refilled without stopping operation
  • Effective full-flow filters guarantee that no contaminants are allowed to enter the pump or the nozzles
  • Easy change-over between various lubricants

AutoJet® Lubrication Systems Case Studies

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