Automated Lubrication System

AutoJet® P400 Lubrication System

Automated Lubrication System

AutoJet® P400 Lubrication System

The AutoJet® P400 Lubrication System is mainly used for the application of high-viscosity lubricants.

Precise lubrication control is critical, especially for deep-drawing applications. To ensure optimal results and flexibility the system can be adjusted to apply anything from a very thin film to thicker layers of lubricant.

The AutoJet® P400 Lubrication System is mainly used for the application of high-viscosity lubricants. When used in combination with a powerful spray controller, the system is capable of recipe handling to ensure optimal fault-free production of different types of lubricants.

1. Coil lubricator with air atomizing nozzles

A very efficient method of applying lubricants is to use a coil lubricator placed between the feeder and the press. In the coil lubricator, the lubricant is evenly distributed over the band. Excessive oil is contained in the coil lubricator and returned to the supply container, preventing contamination of the surrounding area. Air atomizing nozzles with external mix air caps allows precise and uniform application of even the highest viscosity lubricants. The amount of lubricant is controlled by the pressure in the liquid circuit and is adjustable to a high degree of accuracy.

Coil lubricators can be made in any width over 100 mm. They are available as a fixed version or with lifting cylinders for opening the top part. To allow contact-less feeding or pulling through of the band/strip, it is also possible to simultaneously open the top and bottom parts.

2. Base unit

The base unit is most commonly equipped with a 35 liter lubricant container. If multiple lubricants are required, the system can also be equipped with two, three or more containers. The correct lubricant can be selected using simple switches or via the spray controller. The containers are not pressurized and can be filled and serviced while the system is operating through the optional refill strainer. A large lid facilitates filling. Automatic filling from drums or a central oil tank is also possible.

3. Full flow filters

Effective strainers in all suction lines prevent contamination of pumps and nozzles. This ensures a high degree of operational reliability.

4. Oil mist separator

The oil mist separator ensures that no oil-mist is allowed to escape. This keeps the
surrounding area dry and clean and prevents harmful aerosols from escaping into the air.

5. PF250/3 Applicator

The PF 250/3 applicator is an optional addition to the P400 lubrication system that replaces the coil lubricator and is mainly used for coating wire and small bar stock. The system is highly flexible and can be adapted to many different applications.

6. Pressure control

The pressure control in the lubricant and compressed air systems is adjusted using
manual regulators and pressure gauges on the base unit. Automatic pressure control can be set up by using an electronic control unit in combination with proportional valves.

7. Electronic control

The control is centralized by a special spray controller. Alternatively, connection to a central control system is also possible.

Ideal for use in these applications

  • Stamping
  • Wire lubrication
  • Tube lubrication

Nozzles for the P400:

The P400 lubrication system uses air atomizing spray nozzles to apply high viscosity media (more than 600 cSt). All nozzles have a needle which precisely opens and closes the nozzle with each spray pulse and which effectively cleans the orifice from any residue or debris.

The nozzles are air-controlled and all circuits can be controlled independently. This allows exact control and repeatable metering of the circulated oil and provides full control over the applied amount and the thickness of the oil/lubricant layer.

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