Automated Lubrication Systems

AutoJet® L210 Lubrication System

Automated Lubrication Systems

AutoJet® L210 Lubrication System

The AutoJet® L210 Lubrication System is designed for applications that require low-viscosity media and a discontinuous spray.

1. Coil lubricator with flat spray nozzles

A very efficient method of applying lubricants is to use a coil lubricator placed between the feeder and the press. In the coil lubricator, the lubricant is evenly distributed over the band.
Excessive oil is contained in the coil lubricator and returned to the supply container, preventing contamination of the surrounding area. Flat spray nozzles in the coil lubricator evenly and economically cover the full width of the band. It is possible to design coil lubricators for a wide range of widths. Pneumatic lifting cylinders open the coil lubricator for maintenance purposes or for feeding the band. On request, they can also be made in a fixed configuration.

To retain the oil in the lubricator, brushes are fitted on the inlet and outlet sides. For an optimized distribution of the lubricating fluid on the band the lubricators can be equipped with spring loaded felt strike-off units on the outlet sides.

2. Return line filter

An efficient full flow filter collects particles from the band that would otherwise contaminate the return flow.

3. Base unit

The base units are available in a variety of sizes with containers from 0.5 to 35 liters. When different types of lubricants are used, several containers can be installed.

Electromagnetic valves direct the return flow of surplus lubricant to the proper container.

4. Pump L210

The L210 is a high-pressure pump designed for the application of low-viscosity fluids. Indexing of each pump allows for accurate metering of the amount of lubricant applied to each lubrication point.

5. T100 Timer and control units

Feed lengths over 100 mm require several lubrication pulses per stroke. The T100 timer unit allows up to 10 lubrication pulses per second.
High-speed presses or similar applications do not need a lubrication pulse for each stroke. The T100 control unit features a preselection counter which triggers a lubrication pulse once the selected number of strokes is reached. This feature is particularly useful for roll-forming applications in order to ensure constant lubrication regardless of band/strip speed.

6. Additional nozzles

Lubrication of critical points, e.g. a single punching tool, can be achieved by using additional nozzles. The nozzles are available with a magnetic foot that may be mounted directly onto any base or may be easily built into a tool. To create a suitable spray pattern, a large variety of nozzle inserts with solid stream, hollow or full cone spray patterns and various spray angles are available. Additional pumps and nozzles can easily be retrofitted.

Ideal for use in these applications

  • Roll forming
  • Stamping

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