Sugar mill applications

Sugar washing in the centrifuges

The sugar production process is extremely complex, involving many different stages. One of the most important of these is the separation of the sugar crystals from the molasses and here comes the importance of well-designed spray bar installed in the centrifuges.

The centrifuges used in the production of sugar are designed for processing the liquor, a mixture of sugar crystals and molasses, which is produced by the crystallization phase of sugar refining. The centrifugal spins the liquor in a perforated basket at speeds of up to 1200 rpm. During the process the spray bar is turned on for 10-30s to wash the sugar crystals coated with molasses.

A uniform sugar wall can evidence:

  • Less water consumption (less volume of recycled molasses).
  • High performance sprays ensure minimal wear of screens and formed crystals.
  • Effective washing without melting of formed crystals
  • Lower volume of recirculated molasses
  • Colour uniformity
  • Crystal size uniformity
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