Sugar mill applications

Mud filter screen cleaning

Sugar industry already has a long tradition with Separation and Filtration, nevertheless the cleaning of mud filter has been a major problem in most of the Sugar Mills. The brush header comes as an ideal and definitive solution to improve the cleaning and efficiency of the Mud Filters

The Mud filters are the last point in process where the sugar must be recovered. There are two main objectives: recover the sugar and return it to the process before the juice evaporation; and maximise the retention of the mud solids, minimising the amount of mud recycled back into the process. These two objectives are only achieved if an efficient water washing and filter are in place.

Issues present without brush headers:

  • Low efficiency of the filtration
  • Sugar loss
  • High consumption of water and therefore more energy is required for pumping
  • Loss of throughput due to the lack of efficiency

Component and features of the system

The Brush header bar has an internal rotating brush assembly that scrubs the interior wall of the bar as well as each disc-type shower nozzle orifice to prevent clogging and help ensure long nozzle wear life. In just a few seconds, debris is swept away through the flush-out valve, restoring full liquid flow to the system without contaminating the sprayed surface. And, there’s no need to stop the system. The brushes operate without disruption to normal processes.

Benefits of using bush headers:

  • Sugar recovery, even 0.1% of recovery means a payback inferior to 3 months
  • No “waxing effect” anymore
  • The screen is cleaned during operation, no need to stop the process
  • Reduction of the water consumption, the solution uses medium pressure and low volume of water (sustainable)
  • Improve sugar quality by removing the impurity efficiently
  • Suitable for different filter wides
  • Very low maintenance cost because of the simple design and operation
  • It is mounted underneath the scrapper, no additional room required
  • Adjustable flow rate and spray pattern
  • Labour cost reduction
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