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Sanitising Meat Rooms

Sanitising your meat rooms with spray technology can save you time and water, and keep your product safe. 

Using spray technology to apply antimicrobials and mould inhibitors on meat and carcasses has become a proven, cost-effective approach to pathogen protection and extending shelf-life. Spray technology is also widely used to apply sanitizers and chemicals for effective, repeatable cleaning of equipment, floors, walls and more. To ensure optimal results, partnering with a supplier with a proven track record in food safety and sanitation is critical.

We have the largest dedicated sales and support team in the world. With more than 90 offices, we have coverage on six of the seven contents. Our specially-trained food safety and sanitation specialists, sales representatives and spray technology centers are in your area and ready to help you effectively and efficiently control pathogens in your plant and prevent recalls.


  • Safer food at a lower cost through reduced use of expensive additives
  • Added intervention steps enhance food safety and can extend shelf life, meeting the demanding requirements of processors and retailers
  • Adjust additive volumes for increased operating versatility
  • Tightly-controlled application rate control enables efficient use of high-quality, natural antimicrobials
  • Easily integrate into existing product lines to avoid costly reconfiguration


  • Fluid Delivery – PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles with UniJet® spray tips or UniJet bodies and spray tips in FDA-compliant materials. Nozzles are typically mounted on spray headers. Other mounting options are available
  • Spray Control – AutoJet spray controller or PLC for automated systems. Manual and timer-based control valves are available for conveyor sanitizing systems • Fluid Supply – Stainless steel pressure pot with liquid level sensor and pressure relief valve
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