Bakery Applications


Bakeries that produce dough products rely on technology from Spraying Systems Co. for effective lubrication of skip and hoppers. Our experts can ensure the right amount of lubrication is applied so that sticking dough is prevented but oil use is controlled and not messy.

The AutoJet® Skip and Hopper Spray Lubrication System is ideal for bread baking processes that require skip and hopper lubrication to prevent dough from sticking.

The system is designed to coat the empty skip with vegetable oil before the dough has been deposited. Once the dough has been transferred to the hopper, the top of the dough is sprayed using a PulsaJet® Spray Nozzle.

The system is controlled by an AutoJet spray controller which is fitted with Precision Spray Control (PSC) for flow control of the spray nozzle.


  • Decreased oil mist
  • Performance is consistent during temperature changes
  • Volume of oil used can be controlled and monitored
  • Reduced clean up time
  • Reduced overspray and liquid use
  • PulsaJet® high performance spray nozzles require minimal maintenance
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