Bakery Applications


The quality and method of the glaze sprayed upon bakery products is key to creating a visually appealing product that is irresistible to consumers. Spray Technology from Spraying Systems Co. can help bakeries to enhance their products  shine, colour and overall appearance while eliminating costly overspray, OH&S risks and reducing scrap.

Glazing baked goods enhances the colour, shine and overall appearance after baking. The AutoJet® Glaze Spray System is designed for bakeries that require automatic glazing of bread, rolls, brioches, pastries and more.

Using Precision Spray Control (PSC) the system is able to apply an even and precise amount of glaze, even when line speed changes. Hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles are used, which can be arranged in sanitary manifolds for a variety of conveyor widths. The size of the product, its dimensions and differing recipes can also be considered and adjusted to, so no matter what is on the conveyor, the system can adapt and cater for it. 

An AccuCoat Temperature Controlled System can also be included to provide precise temperature control of viscous liquids, ensuring consistent liquid volume. AccuCoat systems can also include auto tank refill, removing the need to stop production for manual refill, and tank agitation to minimise clogging while maximising liquid circulation. 

This system can be applied for both pre or post baking, depending upon the needs of the customer. 


  • Improved product quality and reduced product loss
  • Minimise glaze wastage to reduce production costs
  • Minimise overspray to reduce cleaning costs and contamination
  • Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to clean
  • Product does not not need to be in trays to be sprayed, eliminating the need for additional costly tray cleaning
  • PulsaJet® high performance spray nozzles require minimal maintenance
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