Bakery Applications


Spraying Systems spray technology can assist bakeries to keep busy conveyor lines clean and hygienic, reducing cross contamination and improving speed of cleaning to get conveyors back in operation quicker. 

Maintaining hygiene is incredibly important in the baking industry, and one of the most crucial elements to keep clean is the conveyor belt. With the Spraying Systems Conveyor Belt Cleaning solution not only can the process be made safer but also more efficient, saving both water and time. 

With new, effective technology such as Motor Drive Rotation Nozzles and rotary arm jets being employed, instances of cross contamination as well as RSI due to manual cleaning can be eliminated.

The system works by utilising a medium pressure pump skid (Fluid Delivery System) and a motor that rotates the cleaning unit with a constant speed. The cleaning unit has a set of rotary arms that is overlapped with a right and left rotation to cover a conveyors width, resulting in efficient cleaning and consistent results.

By employing this technology your bakery can be better protected against cross contamination and other potential hygiene issues, with this system being customisable to ensure that it can protect you effectively no matter the set up.


  • Cross contamination is mostly or completely reduced
  • Very low maintenance cost as a result of simple design
  • Flexible installation, it can be mounted in different positions
  • Adjustable flow rate and spray pattern using our automated sustainable systems
  • Labour cost reduction and increase on output
  • Reduced maintenance shutdowns to repair panels and motors damaged by traditional methods
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