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Utilise Spraying Systems Co. spray technology to correctly lubricate pans and allow baked goods to be depanned easily, without excess overspray or messy cleanup problems.

The AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling Spray System is ideal for bakeries that have issues with excess oil usage and bread loaf release. The system can help lower operating costs, reduce waste and increase time spent in production. 

The AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling Spray System features an AutoJet® spray controller and custom-made spray manifolds that contain automatic air atomising nozzles, to automate the spraying of pans as they move along the conveyor. Utilising Precision Spray Control (PSC), overspray is reduced by the positioning, liquid volume and timing settings automatically adjusting via sensors to accommodate different pan sizes or line speed changes. The system delivers an even and consistent spray, whilst also monitoring the temperature of the oil. The pressure and heat can be automatically adjusted to compensate for any changes in liquid viscosity.

OH&S risks and maintenance costs are reduced as over-sprayed oil does not accumulate on the conveyor equipment or floor. PulsaJet Automatic Nozzles® require less maintenance meaning more time spent in production.


  • Pans are coated up to five times faster
  • Volume of oil used per pan can be controlled and altered to suit differing pan sizes
  • Oil waste is reduced by up to 80-90%
  • Excess cleaning costs and time spent cleaning are reduced
  • Custom-made spray guns require minimal servicing allowing workers to be deployed to other tasks and more time spent in production

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Bread Pan Oiling Success Stories

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