It can be challenging to find the most effective methods for lubricating pans, applying viscous coatings and cleaning processing equipment. Spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. can help — and make significant bottom-line impact. Our experts can automate spray operations to ensure uniform coating, eliminate waste of costly ingredients and optimize the application of mold inhibitors to extend shelf life. With more than eight decades of experience in the baking industry, we can help you meet your performance and sustainability goals.

Common Applications


An optimal coating process requires precise control of liquid flow and temperature, especially when applying viscous coatings. Our flow and temperature control technologies work together to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and production.

Product Spotlight

PulsaJet® system saves bakery more than US$70,000 annually. 

Release Agents

Applying the right amount of release agent to pans and conveyors is critical for minimizing bakery product waste. Our wide range of spray technology options ensures you get a solution tailored for your needs and automated to save time and money.

Product Spotlight

AccuCoat® heated spray system saves waffle producer US$2.2 million annually.


Successful, sustainable baking depends on a thorough, but efficient cleaning process. Our spray technology options deliver, helping shorten plant cleaning time, sanitize hard-to-reach areas and reduce the use of costly chemicals.

Product Spotlight

The AutoJet® pathogen protection system uniformly applies sanitizers to conveyors to ensure pathogen reduction.

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Bakery Success Stories


An AutoJet® Spray System allowed the bakery to switch from air atomizing nozzles to a Precision Spray Control solution to apply release agent.


An automated spray system allowed the bakery to apply butter flavoring to gingerbread cookies more consistently than it could do by hand. 


An AutoJet® Technologies system with Precision Spray Control improved the application of water mist onto baked goods for proper seed adhesion.


An AutoJet® food safety spray system with Precision Spray Control helped this bakery apply a natural yeast mold inhibitor, extending shelf life and achieving a clean label. 

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Precision Spray Control (PSC)

Used together, our PulsaJet nozzles and AutoJet controllers can provide accurate, consistent application of a wide range of coatings with minimal waste.

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The Klarion system generates safe cleaning products on-site to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals without deviating from your standard sanitization procedures.

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