Mining applications


Spray technology can help automate the cleaning of stubborn bauxite mud while saving you time and money on labor. The experts at Spraying Systems Co. can help you replace your manual cleaning process with highly effective TankJet 360® nozzles.

Removal of bauxite mud can become costly and take an extended amount of time to clean. Ordinarily cleaning of bauxite mud is done with high pressure water blasting by hand, which is inefficient. Not only does it cost you more of your employee’s time, but it also slows down your operations and doesn’t completely clean off this stubborn material from your tanks.

With the TankJet 360® this is no longer an issue, leaving your workers more time to assist in other areas of your operation.  

The TankJet 360® has a full range of motion which covers vertical and horizontal fronts to help break down and clean even the toughest build up. All units are built to order, portable and lightweight so they can fit in large and small tank openings alike. They can service tanks with diameters up to 30.5 meters and have an operating pressure of between 40 to 350 psi. The Tankjet360® cleaner also boasts a built-in strainer which is user serviceable and helps to minimize wear on the product.


  • Low pressure, high-volume cleaning
  • Lower power consumption
  • Safer as employees no longer required to be inside the tank
  • Less downtime due to reduced maintenance
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