Headers, Manifolds and Showers

Optimize your nozzle performance with configurable headers and manifolds from Spraying Systems Co. Our solutions prevent costly quality problems by ensuring proper fluid / air flow and precise positioning over targets in every type of application.

A Wide Range of Configurable Solutions

Our headers and manifolds are ideal for general industrial spray operations, food processing, lubrication, pulp and paper, steel and pharmaceutical tablet coating. Using a single supplier for these devices and nozzles eliminates integration and coordination problems, ensuing optimal performance across your spray operations. Depend on our experts to help configure the best solution for you.

  • Header designs for use with hydraulic or atomizing nozzles include channel, pipe-in-pipe, compact and application-specific versions. Sanitary connections and heated versions are also available.
  • Header and manifold configurations include header length, number of zones, nozzle type and nozzle spacing.
  • Streamlined tubing and fittings reduce downtime and simplify cleaning.
98250 Spray Manifold

98250 Spray Manifold

  • Compact design with sturdy aluminum structure.
  • Can be configured in a wide range of lengths and nozzle spacing options.
  • Dual inlet ports can be used for liquid recirculation.
  • Standard wetted components constructed of aluminum, rubber, Buna, nickel-plated brass and nylon tubing.
63600 Sanitary Spray Manifold

63600 Sanitary Spray Manifold

  • Lightweight for easy installation and removal.
  • Sanitary 316L tubing with polished outside surfaces.
  • Large diameter liquid passages with minimal pressure drop to help ensure consistent flow.
  • Available for hydraulic or air atomizing nozzles.
  • Optional hot water jacket to improve flow of viscous coatings.
46440 Block Manifold

46440 Block Manifold

  • Threaded or sanitary connections.
  • Available for hydraulic or air atomizing nozzles (automatic or non-automatic).
  • Can be used with steam.
  • Heated and non-heated versions available.

103990 Standard Headers

  • Simple, cost-effective header available in 36” or 48” lengths.
  • Up to 23 nozzles with 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” spacing.
  • For general industrial and food applications.
  • 103990F version meets food industry requirements.
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