Washing, Pickling and Rinsing

Spray headers from Spraying Systems Co. can improve a wide range of operations, including cleaning strip before galvanizing and high-pressure rinsing in pickling operations. Headers are built-to-order to optimize nozzle performance and easily integrate into existing lines.

Brushless Shower - Spraying Systems Co.

Brushless Spray Headers

Basic and economical, these brushless spray headers are also extremely effective.

  • Use with fresh water and in operations where nozzle clogging is unlikely.
  • Use with self-cleaning nozzles when brushes are not desirable.
  • PVDF headers equipped with PVDF nozzles can be used on pickling lines or prior to galvanizing.
  • Stainless steel headers are designed for strip cleaning prior to galvanizing.
Manual Brush Type Header - Spraying Systems Co.

Manual Brush Headers

Turning the exterior handwheel of the manually operated version rotates the interior brush assembly. During the cleaning cycle, the brushes scrub the interior wall of the header as well as each nozzle orifice. In seconds, accumulated debris is removed and discharged through the flush-out valve. This restores full liquid flow to the system without contaminating the sprayed surface.

The brush sections are staggered at 120° intervals along the header so the header continues to spray during the flush-out operation. Large passages between brush sections allow full flow while the system operates. Brush interference with the nozzle inlets does not adversely affect performance when the flush-out valve is in the full operating position.

Automatic Brush Header - Spraying Systems Co.

Automatic Brush Headers

Our motor/control package offers an economical way to eliminate the need for operator intervention to rotate the brushes. Retrofitting manual brush-type headers is fast and easy. In less than 10 minutes, the motor can be installed on the header and the control unit mounted in a convenient location for operation. The unit can be set to clean at predetermined intervals, eliminating the need for any operator intervention. The unit can also be placed in manual mode, which enables the activation of individual brushes by an operator.

If you are experiencing nozzle plugging and haven’t yet invested in brush-type headers, our Automatic Brush Header is an ideal solution. Maintenance time due to clogged nozzles can be eliminated. And, because the cleaning cycle occurs without interrupting operation, machine uptime is maximized.

PVDF Pickling Line Header

PVDF Nozzles and Headers

These spray solutions are designed for washing, pickling and rinsing applications.

  • VeeJet® nozzles in PVDF are ideal for operations that require an acid wash.
  • PVDF built-to-order spray headers are also available for corrosion resistance.
  • Plastic headers can be reinforced with steel to prevent sagging.
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