Automatic Nozzles

For intermittent spraying operations, look to Spraying Systems Co. for a range of air actuated and electrically actuated nozzles that deliver unmatched performance and precision.

Precise Intermittent Spraying Solutions

Our automatic nozzles are ideal for coating, conveyor spraying, cooling, gluing, lubricating, marking, moisturizing, paint spraying, sealing and more. Whether you need 180 or 10,000+ cycles per minute, we have a solution that meets your needs — with models that include variable or standard sprays, dispensing nozzles, compact designs, clean-out needles, mounting options and more. Depend on our spraying technology experts to help you select the best option.

  • Electrically actuated hydraulic nozzles enable the fastest operation without the misting produced by air atomizing nozzles.
  • Electrically actuated air atomizing nozzles feature fast, intermittent operation with the smallest drop sizes and lowest flow rates.
  • Air actuated hydraulic nozzles are specially designed to precisely disperse and meter pressurized liquids.
  • Air actuated air atomizing nozzles use compressed air for both on-off operation and liquid atomization
 Precision Spray Control (PSC) can automatically control flow rate based on your line speed! Learn more

Automatic Nozzles Success Stories

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