Washing, Pickling and Rinsing

Spray headers from Spraying Systems Co. can improve a wide range of operations, including cleaning strip before galvanizing and high-pressure rinsing in pickling operations. Headers are built-to-order to optimize nozzle performance and easily integrate into existing lines.

roll cooling header

Brushless Spray Headers

Basic and economical, these brushless spray headers are also extremely effective.

  • Use with fresh water and in operations where nozzle clogging is unlikely.

  • Use with self-cleaning nozzles when brushes are not desirable.

  • PVDF headers equipped with PVDF nozzles can be used on pickling lines or prior to galvanizing.

  • Stainless steel headers are designed for strip cleaning prior to galvanizing.

automatic brush shower

Brush Spray Headers

An internal rotating brush assembly sweeps debris away from nozzles without shutting the system down. Brushes scrub the interior wall of the header as well as the nozzle orifices, removing accumulated debris through a flush-out valve in a matter of seconds.

  • Manually operated brush headers use a handwheel for brush rotation.

  • Automatic spray headers are equipped with geared drive unit, smart motor and optional timer control.

  • Ideal for use with recirculated or basin water.

PVDF and PVC Nozzle header

PVDF and PVC Nozzles and Headers

These spray solutions are designed for washing, pickling and rinsing applications.

  • VeeJet® nozzles in PVDF and PVC are ideal for operations that require an acid wash.

  • PVDF and PVC built-to-order spray headers are also available for corrosion resistance.

  • Plastic headers can be reinforced with steel to prevent sagging.


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