AutoJet® Model 1000+ Spray Control Panel

AutoJet® Model 1000+ Spray Control Panel

Minimize lubricant waste and improve worker safety with the simple on / off timing control of the AutoJet Model 1000+ spray control panel from Spraying Systems Co.

Application of Proper Volume of Lubricant

This basic controller automates on / off timing applications and eliminates the problems with manual applications such as over-application and lubricant waste, excess mist and messy, slippery work areas. Used with electrically actuated spray nozzles, the AutoJet 1000+ Spray Control Panel ensures the proper volume of the lubricant is applied on the target with minimal waste. Ideal for stamping, lubrication, metalworking and low-speed / period spraying, the system allows for:

AutoJet 1000+ Spray Control Panel with Base
  • Minimal waste of costly lubricants.
  • Reduced overspray and misting, improving the work environment and reducing maintenance downtime.
  • Automated operation, enabling increased throughput and production so workers can be deployed to other tasks.
  • Minimal configuration or setup time for batch changes; up to 20 recipes can be stored.
  • Use with compact, corrosion-resistant AA250AUH or other electrically actuated spray nozzles.
  • Flexible operation — two independent timing channels, each with separate timing and trigger modes; and fixed, repeat and variable timing modes.

  • HMI-based operation for easy use.

  • Plug-and-play installation; cables and sensor kits are available.

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