Sulfur Burning

  Facilities that spray molten or spent sulfuric acid rely on spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. for effective, efficient processing. Our experts will help you select the right nozzles and guns for your industry and specific needs. 

  • The CBA SulfurJet™ gun features a steam jacket to maintain sulfur temperature, even when flow rate slows, ensuring minimal risk of plugging. Flow rates range up to 77 gpm (291 lpm).
  • BA WhirlJet® hydraulic offset hollow cone nozzles produce small drops and feature open flow passages to resist clogging. Flow rates range up to 38 gpm (144 lpm).
  • Air atomizing nozzles with SU89 spray set-ups produce smaller drops than hydraulic nozzles with flow rates up to 3.7 gpm (14 lpm).
  • FloMax® two-fluid nozzles produce smaller droplets than conventional hydraulic nozzles, enhancing evaporation and combustion, and feature high turndown ratios. Available in many sizes and materials, FloMax nozzles can operate at up to 30 gpm (114 lpm).
  • Hybrid sulfur guns are designed for quick changeover between BA WhirlJet nozzles and FloMax nozzles.
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