Spraying Systems Co. can provide the right nozzles and the right showers for your entire mill.  We also have a wide range of trimming nozzles and advanced coating systems to ensure your product quality.

Solutions for Every Step in the Process

Improve your production with spray technology for showers, coating and trimming. 

Spray Solutions for Common Applications

Showers for Pulp, Paper & Tissue

We offer a wide range of showers for lubrication and fabric cleaning, as well as wet end showers including brush and oscillating showers. Select from our standard line, with the option of adding controllers for optimal performance, or work with us to design a custom solution.

Web Trimming

Our trimming nozzles produce powerful, needle-like solid streams for precisely trimming, cutting and slitting all types of tissue. UltraStream® nozzles are available with single- or dual-orifice designs, or long-lasting ruby orifices.

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Tissue Manufacturing Success Stories


Technology from Spraying Systems Co. allowed the manufacturer to wind tissue directly onto a thin metal rod, instead of cardboard core tubes.

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AutoJet® Precision Spray Control (PSC) Systems

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Learn how boundary layer effects and manipulation affect spray transfer efficiency onto a high-speed web.

Tissue Manufacturing Resources

Find all of our resources regarding spray technology for tissue manufacturing applications.

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