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In the engineered wood industry, your spray operations directly impact production efficiency and product quality. We’ve developed a wide range of spray nozzles and PanelSpray® automated systems to optimize the process for manufacturers of OSB, MDF, plywood, particleboard and other wood products. 

Common Applications

Moisture Application

Applying moisture to the surface of the mat before entering the press is essential. Our PanelSpray-MS system for moisture application delivers — spraying water uniformly with minimal overspray, and adjusting to accommodate changes in line speed.

Product Spotlight

PanelSpray®-MS system increases production and improves quality for OSB manufacturer.

Release Agent Application

Applying release agents or water to mats, cauls and press belts is an important step in your process. PanelSpray-RA precisely mixes water and chemicals and then applies them consistently to prevent the mat from sticking

Resin Application

Inconsistent resin coverage can cause quality issues, while over-application is wasteful and costly. Our PanelSpray-RS spray technology ensures precise control of the application rate for uniform, efficient coverage.

Wax Application

Maintaining wax temperature to ensure consistent application on panels can be difficult. That’s why we’ve developed technology specifically for wax application.

Product Spotlight

PanelSpray-WX system keeps wax properly heated, prevents clogging and automatically adjusts flow rate based on wood throughput.


The PanelSpray-NM system is easily integrated with existing plant equipment. Nozzles are arranged in headers to produce any nail line pattern required by your customers. Single or double pass marking patterns are possible.

Product Spotlight

PanelSpray-NM system eliminates rework, saving US $94,500 annually for OSB manufacturer. 

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Engineered Wood Success Stories


An AutoJet® Modular Spray System eliminated clogging, enabling the manufacturer to reuse wastewater from the production process.


An AutoJet® spray system using PulsaJet® nozzles applies the catalyst with uniform coverage, even when operating conditions change, improving board strength and productivity.

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