Most plants have hundreds of nozzles in use in a wide variety of operations – cooling, coating, cleaning, drying, lubricating and more. And, as long as fluid is being dispensed, nozzles are often overlooked when thinking about sustainability. What many don't realize is one of the easiest ways to improve operating sustainability is to make sure spray nozzles are performing properly.

Many manufacturers are surprised to learn that nozzles can have a very large impact on:

  • Water and energy
  • Waste and scrap
  • Worker safety
  • Food safety
  • Productivity, process efficiency and the bottom line

One of the easiest ways to improve operating sustainability is to make sure spray nozzles are performing properly. Nozzles, like any precision component, will wear over time. When that happens, nozzles will spray over capacity. This means fluid is wasted, energy costs to pump and perhaps heat the fluid increase, and more waste water is created. The costs can really add up – even when nozzles are only slightly worn.


For example, a paper mill with 72 showers determined the nozzles were spraying 15% over capacity. The mill was shocked to learn that translates to waste of 6,480,000 gallons per week / 336,960,000 gallons per year. Here’s an easy to way to determine how much water you may be wasting by using worn nozzles: Liquid Savings Calculator


Another common source of dramatic waste is during lubricant application. It’s often challenging to apply the proper amount of lubricant to only the necessary area. Many manufacturers don’t want to risk products sticking to molds or other processing equipment, so over-application of lubricants is common. Not only is a surprising amount of lubricant wasted, the excess oil causes worker safety issues – oil mist inhalation and slip hazards. One processor was shocked to learn it could reduce lubricant use by 50% without experiencing any problems. The processor was also thrilled to learn that the change in oil application reduced airborne pollutants by 90% and eliminated slippery floors. Estimate your potential lubricant savings here with this easy-to-use calculator.

Our spray technology can provide a huge positive impact on your sustainability goals and on your bottom line. Let us help you make every drop count.

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