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Case Study

Higher quality products and a more homogenous result with New Egg Wash Glazing System

Croissants glazing


Oct 21

One of the largest industrial bakeries in Europe produces a wide range of bread, pastry and cake products. These are being sold under their own brand name and as private label products all over the world.

Recently they started looking into how they can improve production efficiency to create more higher quality homogeneous products. One of the processes that needed to be improved was the egg glazing application.

Egg glazing can be a difficult process when you’re not using the right equipment for the job. In this case the production lines were relying on operators to manually apply the egg wash with a brush. This approach caused a lot of issues that were hurting the final quality of the product:

  • • Inaccurate dosage
  • • Bad distribution
  • • Low production speed

To improve on the situation the bakery decided to look for a spray solution to replace the manual brush approach. The system would need to deliver on a number of specific goals:

  • • Automated
  • • Better distribution
  • • Dosage control
  • • Higher production speed
  • • More hygienic

AutoJet® Egg Wash Glazing System


With a long-standing reputation in the bakery industry Spraying Systems Co. was an ideal partner to come up with an efficient spray solution. For years we have worked on optimizing our AutoJet® Egg Wash Glazing System so we are well placed to meet the challenges that this application poses.

Our AutoJet® Egg Wash Glazing System contains:

To convince the bakery representatives we invited them for a live demonstration of the system at our regional spray technology center. After sharing our long list of successful implementations at major players in the industry they were convinced that we would deliver on the expectations.


Excited about the new egg glazing solution the bakery wanted to move quickly to replace their old manual brush solution. Within 2 months of the first contact the AutoJet® Egg Wash Glazing System was fully installed and running according to the expectations.

Our customer has seen an instant increase in production speed and a more efficient egg wash application. The automated spray delivers the correct amount of egg wash evenly over the products. The quality has improved and there is more homogeneity in the final result.

Additionally, the new solution creates almost no waste, is more hygienic and requires less maintenance and cleaning time.