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Case Study

AutoJet Glazing system opens up new opportunities for La Flor Burgalesa

Glazing system la flor burgalesa


Nov 21

La Flor Burgalesa is one of the oldest biscuit manufacturers in Spain. For over 70 years they have had a firm commitment to quality, and the vision to continue improving their biscuits. As a consequence their Florbú facility is one of the most modern and efficient factories in the biscuit sector today. 

To expand into new product lines and increase production capacity they started looking into a new milk protein glazing solution. This new addition to their production capabilities would enable them to access new segments and secure their position in the biscuit market.

With a state of the art production facility La Flor Burgalesa had some specific requirements for the new glazing solution:

  • Easily cleanable
  • Full control over the spray to modify dosage 
  • Prevent overspray that would pollute the product line

AutoJet® Glazing System

With a long-standing reputation in the bakery industry Spraying Systems Co. was an ideal partner to come up with an efficient glazing solution. Our Precision Spray Control (PSC) technology is capable of producing an accurate, consistent application of any liquid. Our PulsaJet® nozzles can be opened and closed up to 25,000 times per minute. This flexibility allows us to spray accurately and with minimal waste. The complete system is mounted on a hygienic frame that contains:

After testing the setup at our regional spray technology center La Flor Burgalesa rented the system to test it in a production environment as well. After 2 weeks they saw that the system was performing according to their expectations and decided to purchase it.


La Flor Burgalesa was happy to note that their new milk protein glazing unit was performing as expected. The new application opens up new opportunities to broaden their product range and stay ahead of competitors. The AutoJet® F1850+ system is easy to set up and use. Thanks to the PSC technology the milk protein is applied efficiently and without messing up the production environment.