Air Atomizing

Air atomizing spray nozzles, also called two-fluid nozzles, produce finely atomized sprays using compressed air or another atomizing gas. Air atomizing nozzles are ideal for a wide range of coating, humidifying, lubricating, gas cooling / conditioning, humidifying and fogging applications.  Spraying Systems Co. provides the largest selection available in the industry, including a wide range of body styles, flow rates, spray patterns and either pressure- or gravity-fed setups.

  • Air atomizing setups are available for liquid supplied to the nozzle under pressure or by liquid siphon / gravity-feed
  • Nozzle options include clean-out and shut-off needles.  
  • J Series nozzles are available with flow rates of up to 29 gpm (110 lpm). 
  • JJ Compact Series nozzles are available with flow rates ranging up to 33 gph (126 lph). 
  • QMJ Series nozzles provide quick-connect convenience and flow rates of up to 26 gph (98 lph). 
  • Variable spray nozzles provide independent control of liquid, atomizing air and fan air pressures for fine tuning of spray performance. 
  • High-efficiency, high-flow spray nozzles produce very small droplets with low air consumption and flow rates of up to 45 gpm (170 lpm). 
  • Automatic nozzles — Air- and electrically-actuated air atomizing nozzles are also available. 

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