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AccuCoat® Temperature Controlled Spray Systems

Maintain consistent liquid temperature and ensure even coating with AccuCoat Temperature Controlled Spray Systems from Spraying Systems Co. 

Uniform Application of Viscous Coatings

Automated AccuCoat® Temperature Controlled Spray Systems eliminate the problems associated with the manual application of viscous coatings and enrobing. They are ideal for coating with chocolate, sugar slurries and glazes; applying chilled egg wash to baked goods; applying oil and butter; and spraying other coatings or ingredients that are viscous or even solid at room temperature.

  • Precise temperature control eliminates waste caused by coatings that are too hot or cold.
  • Accurate application minimizes excess misting and maintenance downtime.
  • Systems can automatically adjust for production speed changes to ensure product quality.

More information about AccuCoat® Systems for conveyorized products.

More information about AccuCoat® Systems for panning operations. 

AccuCoat Temperature Controlled Spray Systems Success Stories

Bakery Slashes Egg Wash Use by 50% With Chilled Spray System

Cannoli Producer Saves US$69,000 Annually With AccuCoat Spray System

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