AccuCoat® Temperature-Controlled Panning Systems

Improve quality, boost production and reduce waste when coating candies, nuts and other confectioneries with AccuCoat Panning Systems.

Precise, Uniform Coating for Panning Applications

AccuCoat Panning Systems provide flexible performance, automated spray control and close-loop temperature control to ensure precise and uniform viscous coating in pans.  Mobile, stand-alone systems include a spray controller, double-jacketed pressure tank and flexible jacketed hose for easy positioning of the integrated spray head inside the drum.  For panning operations already using central fluid delivery and a hot water supply, the AccuCoat Central Panning System draws from the centralized fluids.

AccuCoat Panning Systems are ideal for coating with chocolate, glazes, oils and slurries, as well as cheese and other viscous coatings. They allow for:

  • 50% reduction in coating waste.
  • 50% shorter batch times, compared with manual ladling systems.
  • Automated control of spray timing and flow rate.
  • Decreased adhesion for light products such as coffee beans.
  • Scalable performance for small batches and R&D, two pans with two nozzles, or fully centralized pan coating systems.
We Can Spray It

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Count on our experts to help you spray anything from water to peanut butter, including your viscous coating.

Panning system for candy production

AccuCoat Temperature-Controlled Spray System Success Story

New Automated Panning System Helps Candy Manufacturer Increase Production by 100%

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