AutoJet® Spray Lubrication Systems

Minimize waste and boost production through the precise application of lubricants and corrosion protection fluids with AutoJet Spray Lubrication Systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Precise Lubricant Application

AutoJet Spray Lubrication Systems ensure the proper volume of lubricant is applied to the target with minimal waste. Options range from simple automated systems that replace manual and roller / brush systems, to more sophisticated systems that provide unmatched flexibility. AutoJet systems are ideal for coil lubrication, deep drawing, die lubrication, forming, machine and tool lubrication, mold release, sheet lubrication, strip lubrication prior to forming, stamping and more. They allow for:

AutoJet Lubrication System
  • Precision Spray Control (PSC), ensuring uniform coverage even when line speed varies.
  • Accurate spray placement, reducing lubricant consumption by up to 70%.
  • Automated on / off control, reducing scrap caused by inconsistent lubricant coverage.
  • Reduced overspray and misting, resulting in less maintenance downtime and improved worker safety.
  • A wide range of nozzles for use with low- or high-viscosity lubricants.
  • Optional spray headers for proper fluid delivery and trouble-free operation.  

AutoJet Spray Lubrication Systems Success Stories

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