Case Study

New Automated Panning System Helps Candy Manufacturer Increase Production by 100%

A single system has enabled Zotter to double the production of their chocolate coated balleros in two pans

Zotter, a family-owned Austrian chocolatier, is world renowned for their innovative organic chocolates. Among their products are balleros, which are nuts, dried fruits and many other centers which are coated with a wide variety of flavored chocolates. Although the company was already using an automated pan spraying system from another vendor, Zotter had difficulty spraying some of their more viscous chocolate flavors. They also needed to increase production capacity to accommodate the growing demand for these chocolate treats.

Spraying Systems Co. installed an AccuCoat® Pan Spraying System that improves the coating process in two rotating pans. The system is fully jacketed and the chocolate is heated by the flow of hot water around system components. Using an AutoJet® Model 2250 Spray Controller, the system maintains closed-loop control of the water temperature all the way from the storage tank to the nozzle. This maintains the proper chocolate viscosity for optimal spraying and ensures a very consistent chocolate coating on the centers. The AutoJet Model 2250 Spray Controller also controls the system’s cooling air, which is critical to setting the chocolate coating.

The AutoJet Model 2250 Spray Controller provides the interface for setting all system parameters, operating one JAU air atomizing nozzle in each of the two pans. Specific recipes for various products are stored in the controller for easy access and to facilitate quick production changeover. The system generates warning messages and alarms as needed to ensure efficient operation.

The AccuCoat® Pan Spraying System effectively sprays even the most viscous chocolate coatings for uniform coating of the centers. A single system has enabled Zotter to double the production of their chocolate coated balleros in two pans. The production increase of 100% is so significant, Zotter no longer needs the additional panning equipment they had planned to purchase.

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