1. Quench Sprays

Problem: Slow the cracking reaction while preventing coke formation in the overhead line. 

Best practice: Use Maximum Free Passage (MFP) FullJet® full cone spray nozzles to inject coker gas oil into the drum outlet tee to quench and slow the cracking reaction. The nozzles are available with a wide range of spray angles to ensure a thin liquid film is maintained on the walls. Open flow passages resist plugging and provide longer service  life before maintenance is required. 


2. Defoaming

Problem: Foam elimination.

Best practice: Maximum Free Passage (MFP) FullJet® full cone spray nozzles feature a patented vane design that provides the largest free passage of maximum free passage nozzles to minimize clogging with uniform spray distribution. MFP FullJet nozzles provide excellent coverage at lower operating pressures.

3. Overhead Water Wash

Problem: Dissolve salt deposits in the overhead vapor line.

Best practice: Use built-to-order spray injectors designed for the operating conditions of the overhead vapor line to ensure optimal performance. Instead of using flow rate and pressure drop, useComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to determine the ideal droplet size, coverage and location of injection points to maintain at  least 25% free water. 

4. Wash Oil

Problem: Wash and cool hot vapors  entering the fractionator from coke  drums and eliminate wash oil carryover.

Best practice: Maximum Free Passage (MFP) FullJet® full cone spray nozzles effectively knock-out coke fines without clogging.  The uniform spray pattern, consisting of large droplets, ensures quick and effective gas scrubbing and cooling. 

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