Precise spray operations are essential for the quality, safety and profit potential of pharmaceutical and medical device products. Leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and researchers have partnered with Spraying Systems Co. to develop new spray products that optimize their processes and meet their business objectives. 

Common Applications

Pharmaceutical companies use our spray technology to optimize many applications, including:

Tablet Coating

A reliable tablet coating process reduces process risk and helps ensure compliance with quality standards in batch and continuous processes. Our spray technologies apply coatings with improved quality while reducing contamination and nozzle clogging.

Product Spotlight

Model 54000 header improves tablet coating operation, saving US$25,000 for manufacturer.

Vessel Cleaning

Sterility and cleanability are of the highest importance in the pharmaceutical industry. We’ll help you choose the right cleaning technology for your vessels.

Product Spotlight

TankJet® tank cleaner reduces pharmaceutical cleaning time by 80%, offsetting cost injust two weeks.

Spray Drying

We offer the broadest selection of spray drying nozzles available, including core, whirlchamber and swirlchamber designs.

Product Spotlight

PolarDry® spray dry technology utilizes new Electrostatic Spray Drying with low temperature spray drying.

Blending / Granulation

You need customizable solutions that allow you to simplify your scale-up and validation processes, ensure product quality and minimize maintenance. Our spray technologies do all of the above.

Fluid Bed Processing

Fluidized beds are commonly used to dry, granulate and coat many different active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our fluid bed nozzles in top- and bottom-spray designs for wurster coating, granulating and bead coating provide consistent results.

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